Doing business in the Netherlands

Doing business abroad involves dealing with unfamiliar legislation and regulations, a different culture and, more often than not, a foreign language. This being said, doing business abroad also offers a sheer infinite number of possibilities and opportunities. 

The fiscal, legislative and regulatory opportunities present as well as its location, infrastructure and culture make the Netherlands a very interesting country for organizations looking to operate internationally.

We offer our services advice and support to companies that are planning to conduct business or already conduct business in the Netherlands. Our staff will help you to ensure that your involvement in the Dutch business setting is well-advised and adequately prepared.

We will assess your plans for doing business in the Netherlands in conjunction with you and examine your expectations and desires. In addition we will also analyze how your plans fit into your current (legal) structure and business methods. Following this and given your plans and wishes, we will advise you on (inter)national accountancy and tax-legal aspects

Our professionals have vast knowledge and expertise regarding international affairs and are fluent in Dutch, English and Chinese. They involve themselves in the world of international business dealings with passion and enthusiasm on a daily basis. This is what makes us your partner of choice. 

We will provide you with practical tips in your dealings with the Dutch and indicate subtle cultural differences to you. We will prepare you and your company for all aspects of doing business in the Netherlands.  

Please find a useful step-by-step list for setting up operations in the Netherlands below: