Accounting (bookkeeping) 

Entrepreneurs and businesses do not always have time to perform (all) bookkeeping procedures themselves. We offer these entrepreneurs the opportunity to outsource these activities. We have sophisticated and up-to-date bookkeeping software which can handle all accounting needs. In order to present the costs involved as clear and transparent as we possibly can we will, prior to the rendering of our service to you, discuss your wishes and needs and make and agree on the manner and timing of transfer of data (such as invoices, bank statements etcetera). Because of our experience, low overhead costs and automated processes we can offer our services at competitive rates. We offer the following services: 

  • Handling of your bookkeeping affairs (accounting)
  • Compiling of your annual accounts
  • Preparing and filing of your corporate income tax returns
  • Preparing and filing of your income tax returns
  • Preparing and filing of your VAT returns
  • Handling of payroll accounting activities
  • Preparing and filing of your wage-tax returns
  • Assisting in applying for the 30%-ruling
  • Preparing interim analysis and data
  • Preparing the financial statements for filing purposes and minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) 

Call or contact us to arrange a face to face meeting. During this meeting we will identify your wishes we will be able to offer you a clear, transparent and insightful assessment of the costs involved.