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Doing business in the Netherlands

We are the auditing and accounting firm that thinks along with you in a proactive manner. We offer high quality services in tax advisory, assurance and accounting. 

Our experienced Chartered Accountants, Accounting Professionals and Tax Consultants operate in various industries ranging from among other industries; security, shipping, hospitality, fashion, property development (real estate) to technical and business services. The cornerstones of our client-orientated approach are connected thinking and close cooperation. 

Our philosophy is to have a client orientated mindset and provide client oriented services in order to reach adequate solutions, so that you can shift your focus on your business.





We provide an alternative for Big Four audit firms to foreign companies with an operation in The Netherlands. 

We are fluent in multiple foreign languages (e.g. English and Chinese) and do not charge any add-on fees for this. We are therefore able to provide all accounting, audit and tax services for a moderate and acceptable fee.

We provide high quality services in the following areas:



Doing business abroad involves dealing with unfamiliar legislation and regulations, a different culture and, more often than not, a foreign language. This being said, doing business abroad also offers a sheer infinite number of possibilities and opportunities. 

The fiscal, legislative and regulatory opportunities present as well as its location, infrastructure and culture make the Netherlands a very interesting country for organizations looking to operate internationally.

We offers our services, advice and support to companies that are planning to conduct business or already conduct business in the Netherlands. Our staff will help you to ensure that your involvement in the Dutch business setting is well-advised and adequately prepared.

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